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Bng Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 2013 in Ostim organized industrial zone with more than 30 years of machinery industry experience, to provide hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder equipment production, design and maintenance services at low costs, with high speed, in world standards and with quality guarantee.

Our company, with its professional team consisting of 20 people, and modern machinery and equipment inventory in a 1000 square meter closed area, provides fast and high quality service under reasonable prices from the first step of production to the last stage.

Our main services are OEM hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder equipment manufacturing, maintenance service of all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing suitable for every project and purpose, pin and bushing manufacturing. Apart from these, special productions requiring engineering are also made in our company.

Our company works with more than 300 companies at home and abroad by expanding its customer portfolio and product range day by day.

Our aim in starting this business is to follow the current sectoral developments and technologies in the world and to adapt to all kinds of manufacturing and design entering our field, to contribute to the development of our domestic industry, to compete in the world market in this field and to start and continue our customers’ business,to help speed it up.